SPAR is a non-partisan graduate student organization at Rutgers University, currently existing on both the New Brunswick and Newark Health Sciences campuses. Our goal is to provide a structure for the scientific community at Rutgers to connect our colleagues, politicians, and the local community for the purposes of increasing scientific literacy, advocating for policies supported by scientific research, increasing the effectiveness of scientific communications, and continuing government support for scientific research.

Specifically, we believe that:

  1. An understanding of the scientific method and engagement with scientists by the public will encourage critical thinking and trust in the science community
  2. Legislation should be supported by sound science
  3. Effective science communication is an acquired skill that can be fostered at the graduate level
  4. Government support is necessary for progress in scientific research


We hold numerous events at both campuses throughout the academic year to educate our fellow students on the topics of science policy and related opportunities, hone in on relevant skills such as science communication and literacy, help them to network with one another, and connect them with external resources, organizations, and policymakers.