SciPol 101 Workshop: Government Workings

SciPol 101 Workshop: Government Workings
Host Campus: SPAR – New Brunswick
When: Tue 12/11/18, 12:30 PM
Where: Douglass Student Center, Mtg Rm. B
Description: During this workshop, we will be discussing some of the basics behind how the U.S. government operates, including the structure, legislative process, where the science fits in, and some key players. This will be an interactive workshop, complete with an activity and plenty of time for questions. Overall, this workshop will provide the background information for our later workshops in the series.
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STEM Community Outreach Symposium at Rutgers (STEMcosR)

STEM Community Outreach Symposium at Rutgers (STEMcosR)
Co-host(s): SPAR – New Brunswick
When: Fri 11/16/18, 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Where: Chemistry and Chemical Biology Building, Main Lobby
Description: STEMcosR is a free symposium where Rutgers STEM meets the regional scientific community. This multidisciplinary event unifies undergraduate and graduate students, industry representatives, and high school and community college students to create meaningful connections and facilitate networking, recruitment and knowledge transfer.
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Visit with the Rutgers Federal Relations Office

Visit with the Rutgers Federal Relations Office
Host Campus: SPAR – New Brunswick
When: Wed 10/17/18, 3:00 PM
Where: Busch Student Center (BSC) Rm. 117
Description: Join the newly relaunched Science Policy and Advocacy at Rutgers (SPAR) for a Meet and Greet with members of the Rutgers Federal Relations Office. Located right outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., the Federal Relations Office works with New Jersey congressional leaders and the national associations of higher education to represent the university’s federal policy and funding interests to national policymakers. In addition to learning about what the office does, there will be ample time for a Q&A session.
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